Get married! The health examination before marriage is important! 2020/10/26

When you decide to marry your partner and have children and establish a family, in addition to planning the wedding ceremony, there are two people who go to have a health examination together. The main purpose is to have a physical examination for the purpose of pregnancy and childbirth in the future. It is different from the regular health check-up in a year. Moreover, through the examination, you can know the health status of the two people and what they should pay attention to in their future life You can be prepared in advance.

***The time of checking***

In fact, when two people decide to discuss marriage, they can do this examination first, so that they can know what they should pay attention to in terms of health as soon as possible! In addition to the general basic examination, premarital health examination will also increase the examination of reproductive organs, fertility and genetics, especially if you can first know whether you have genetic causes. The earlier you understand this point, you can also know when you are pregnant What to pay attention to.



The general basic examination mentioned above will also increase reproductive organs, fertility and heredity, because the items examined in different countries and hospitals are different. The following is a proposal for new people

Must check items


* genetic diseases

* male medical examination (sperm analysis)

* HIV screening

* syphilis screening

female sex:

* genetic diseases

* HIV screening

* syphilis screening

* examination and screening of varicella antibody, hepatitis and German measles

* examination of uterus and ovary


After the check, we suggest that we can communicate well and understand each other. In our body genes, everyone may have some congenital problems. If we know early, we can prevent them first, such as whether there is hypertension or familial genetic causes, such as anemia. These can be adjusted in the future life and diet, so don’t have too much worry and fear.


***In the future***

To believe that after getting to know each other before marriage, two people can understand and care for each other in the future life, and know what deficiencies and areas need to be strengthened for the purpose of two people’s health, so that they can exercise together in life and pay attention to the part of diet.

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