Autumn yellow scenery of Tokyo - Ginkgo 2020/10/24

Speaking of autumn in Tokyo, many people will think of the ginkgo trees dyed golden yellow. There are many places of interest in gingko trees. The traffic is very convenient. It’s easy to take a walk when you want to go. Common streets and parks are dyed yellow scenery, let people feel romantic atmosphere, very suitable for dating. Enjoy the beautiful gingko street through the pictures!

***Meijijingu Gaien***

From Qingshan avenue to the ginkgo tree in the outer garden of Meijijingu Gaien, this scenic spot is also famous in the world. It is often used as a location for TV series and cm. Of course, the urban atmosphere is also a popular reason. Around November, there will be a “ginkgo Festival outside the palace”, where there are many stalls, which are very lively.


***Yoyoki Park***

There are about 1000 beech trees, 260 ginkgo trees, 100 maple trees and other broad-leaved trees that can enjoy red leaves, which are very suitable for viewing red leaves. Every year from late November to early December, ginkgo trees are in full bloom near yuansumen in the East. Because of the trees and leaves, the gingko carpet dyed yellow is also very beautiful.


***Tokyo university *** 

It has 11 “Tokyo University” campuses with the largest area of Tokyo Dome. In the red leaf season, the ginkgo trees from the main entrance to the Antan lecture hall are shining with golden brilliance, which makes people fascinated.


***Tokyo station Maru no nai ***

There are also places to enjoy ginkgo in Marunouchi, Tokyo. The contrast between the buildings in the office street and the ginkgo trees is a sense of city. On the street connecting Huangju and Tokyo station, the road is about 74 meters wide. Ginkgo biloba can be seen in the broad space. It is lit up at night, and the lights of the building also cooperate, showing a beautiful posture.

In addition, “hotiancang fountain Park” is also a scenic spot where you can enjoy the red leaves such as gingko and Zelkova. Taking the building street in Huangju and Marunouchi as the background, you can also enjoy the scenery of Ginkgo biloba.



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