Must to read! For who are preparing to attend a Japanese wedding 2020/10/18

Do you have any worries about preparing for a Japanese wedding? What should you prepare? What kind of clothes are better. Please take a few minutes to read this content!

***Innovation letter***

If you live in Japan and want to attend a Japanese wedding, you will usually send an invitation card, which is a hospitality certificate, and a reply letter will be sent. This is to reply whether you will attend the wedding and the number of people.

Usually it will be sent 2 to 3 months ago. It is recommended that the reply letter must be sent as soon as possible when it is received.

Although the newcomer may have verbally asked to calculate the preliminary number, remember to write back to the newcomer.


***the gift money for couple ***

Japan’s gift money is based on odd numbers. It is recommended that one person start at 30,000, and then wrap it in a white ceremonial bag. Usually, the ceremonial bag will write how to use it first, so don’t worry!

***Clothes ***

It is very grand to attend a wedding in Japan, and boys will wear suits, girls will wear dresses or dresses, etc. to attend the wedding, it is recommended not to wear white, and black is also avoided, but if you have a small shawl or other colors of accessories, you can also.


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