Tokyo!! "Yamate line" maple place of recommendation 2020/10/17

In Kyoto, most people will go to shrines and temples. In Tokyo, where do you go?

First of all, when we talk about red leaves, we often think of deep mountains. There are many red leaf scenic spots in Tokyo. Surrounded by high-rise buildings in the city’s unique garden, unimaginable is the city center of the natural landscape rich Park, etc., usually easy to ignore the scenic spots stained with the color of autumn, in this period of autumn update added charm.

And in the night after, will also be on the light, you can find a little bit of travel mood in the Yamaguchi line! Moreover, if you walk a little in the suburbs, you can enjoy the red leaves in the nature of Gaowei mountain and lake Odom. Choose your destination according to your mood. It’s a good place to watch the red leaves in Tokyo!

The famous scenic spots in the city of Fengshan are introduced here!

***Hamarikyu Garden***

There is a garden 5.5 times the size of Tokyo’s huge egg. The water in the pool is the water from seawater. Although there are urban buildings around, the scenic spots that retain the typical garden appearance of Edo era are designated as national special scenic spots and special historical sites.

***Hibiya Gardening***

In Japan’s first “western style park”, there are many outdoor music halls, public halls and flower beds blooming in the four seasons. The beautiful posture of Ginkgo can be seen on the S-shaped Park Road. The cloud shaped pool, known as the third oldest crane fountain in China, is surrounded by Ginkgo and maple trees.

***Imperial Palace***

Although the royal residence is usually inaccessible, it is open to the public several times a year. Among them, “Huangju Qiantong” is the most popular. The colorful red leaves can be seen in the north-south direction of the Huangju Avenue about 600 meters.

***Korakuen Garden***

The garden, located near the Tokyo Dome, has been designated as the “little Ishikawa paradise” with special national historical sites and special attractions. In the broad garden, you can feel the nature in the center of the city and enjoy the different scenery in four seasons. In autumn, all kinds of red leaves are bright red leaves, especially in dayanchuan.

***Ueno Park***

There are museums and zoos around, flowers in spring, red leaves in autumn and other famous tourist attractions. There are 1200 cherry trees, ginkgo trees connecting the Tokyo National Museum, maple leaves and beech trees along the banks of the river and around the Guanyin Hall of Qingshui. In addition, swan boats can be rented from the lake to watch the red leaves of cherry trees on the water.



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