2020 KYOTO GRAPHIE 2020/10/10

In the past, Kyoto International Photo festival was held from April to May. This year, due to the epidemic situation, it was postponed to September to October. Every year, there is a theme, and Japanese and international photographers are invited to participate in the exhibition. Moreover, the exhibition space is a lot of space that is not usually available in Kyoto. It is worth visiting! This time, I visited two places to take a look at the 2020 Kyoto International Photo Exhibition. Next year, when the epidemic situation is over, if you match the time, welcome to visit this exhibition!!

***Hosoo Galley***

Hosoo is a textile company founded in 1688 in Nishijin, Kyoto. It is also one of the famous brands with a long history in Kyoto. Hosoo galley, opened in September 2019, not only displays Hosoo’s products, but also cooperates with many arts. When you visit the shops on the first floor, you can smell the comfortable fragrance! Walking into the second floor, this exhibition is

Elsa Leydier X Ruinart

This time, the photographer went to France’s Champaign area to shoot in 2019. Through this work, the essential relationship between man and nature has been completely changed, and a stone has been put into the issue of climate change. At the same time, under the unpredictable climate, it can also produce red wine with high evaluation every year. This is a tribute to the craftsmen who are rich in secret manufacturing technology and knowledge of Ruinart Works.

***Former main building of Kyoto Prefectural Hall ***

Pierre-Elie de Pibrac

Born in Paris, cameraman filmed the trilogy “in situ” behind the scenes of Paris Opera House from 2013 to 15. It is integrated into the dancers. While living together in the song theater, we observe their movements and seize all the moments.

“Confidence” consists of photos taken backstage and rehearsal. Through the use of silent cameras and special lenses, he approached the dancers and created vivid, direct emotional images. Like the title of “in situ,” which means “should have been somewhere,” it successfully captures the intimacy between dancers who are hard to disclose. “Catharsis” abstractly shows the movements of the dancers, while “analogia” matches the dancers in the magnificent palace, which is just like a strong painting.

***Former main building of Kyoto Prefectural Hall Council***

Omar Victor Diop

The Senegalese born photographer spent less than a month in Kyoto last fall, and paid for portraits of shopkeepers working in the chumachi shopping street near the Yaskawa Delta. A collage of portraits and goods they sell is printed in large scale, and its works are hung on the arcades of Chucho shaped shop street. In addition, the series of “Diaspora”, a series of African giants active in Europe and the United States, African born football players playing in European leagues, and their portraits of themselves in Europe at that time will also be published for the first time in Japan.


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