The beauty of classic lace veil 2020/10/08

Both Chinese and Western styles have the headdress as an important accessory. However, in the western wedding ceremony, there are many meanings of the headdress, such as the symbol of purity, the prevention of bad luck, the protection of the bride, and even the fear of the bridegroom’s repentance, so wearing the headdress is an important part of the ceremony.

This article introduces some common headscarves in church. Let’s have a look at the beautiful appearance of the veil in our church!

***One lace on the edge***

***Long tail ***

If you like a long tail headdress, you can choose more designs, because the hem of the wedding dress will be shorter than that of the headdress, and the design area of the headdress is more, so the back will not look very empty.

***Maria veil***

It’s also lace with heavy edge, designed like a triangle.

***Simple and generous design***

***Short veil***

The short headdress is suitable for the location or in the church. If you don’t like the back swing, you can choose it!

In today’s weddings, there are also brides who don’t wear a veil, so don’t worry about traditional customs. It’s more important to follow the bride’s own preferences!


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