What should our parents wear on our Japanese wedding day? 2020/10/04

This time, we want to introduce what parents should wear in a Japanese wedding!

First of all, we will introduce the types of parents’ clothes

* * * *Father * * * * *

Basically, the wedding style no matter western or shrine, and the father mostly is wear the western formal clothes! 

Morning coat = tuxedo = Montsuki hakama

Formal clothing for the first time in Japan

In Japanese marriage, usually formal clothes for the first time in the daytime, or are half formal clothes and discrimination?

It is a special request for the present day, and it is the main purpose for the formal coat of Japan in the most recent Japanese marriage. It is a half formal interlude (tuxedo) problem.


* * * *Mother * * * * *

The rules are formal dress as well.

Kurotomesode= Irotomesode=Long dress

Usually, mothers at Japanese weddings wear black sleeves. At this time, it will be mentioned that if mothers wear Chinese cheongsam (long pendulum), is it OK? In fact, there are no special restrictions. The main way is to communicate with parents of both parties!

Usually, the father’s clothing is less about Japanese dress, but the mother’s part usually has different opinions according to kimono or dress. No matter what kind of clothes the mother wants to wear, the bride and the groom remain free to exchange views.

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