Take photos of your wedding at an important time! 2020/09/24

Wedding is a special day that we can’t go back any more. Because of this kind of day, we should stick to photos.

Photos are great objects that stay directly on the shape, no matter how many years later, they can still remember the same day.

In order to leave good photos, especially for Overseas Wedding photography, if you don’t want to bring your own photographer and reduce the cost, this article will tell you our practice and your countermeasures.

First of all, the Japanese shooting style is explained

Japanese style is a popular shooting and aesthetic style in Japan. This style is fresh and elegant, beautiful and lovely. It is mainly composed of simple and light colors and bright colors. It pays attention to the processing of light and shadow. In terms of portraits, it is mainly natural. Therefore, photographers are used to taking pictures in a set, so they are not likely to say cheese .

 ***Wedding ceremony***

1. Environment, ring

Basically, we will take pictures of the environment inside the church on that day, as well as the rings of the two people.


2. Before the wedding ceremony

Before the wedding, they will take pictures in the bride’s room with makeup and clothes on.

3. In the wedding ceremony

The most important thing is the process of the ceremony. At this time, our experienced photographers are familiar with all the processes and the church environment, especially when the bridegroom and bride are walking. The photographer can’t take the most important moment for you!!

4. After the wedding

Please remember, because the church wedding time is limited, if two people have many guests, if they want to take more photos with the guests, they will take fewer pictures together.

***Wedding reception ***

If you need a photographer to shoot the wedding banquet, it is an additional item. Usually, Japanese couples will ask for photography! Record the time when two people are busy and don’t pay attention to it


2.Cheers time!

3. In the wedding reception

4.Speaking time

5. After reception & party time


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