How many friends and relatives are needed to help Japanese wedding?! 2020/09/28

When the wedding is held, people must be asked for help. On that day, the bride and groom can’t leave to deal with other matters. Therefore, they must need the friendly help of relatives and friends to take care of some things. Different from the Chinese wedding, who are needed to help with the Japanese wedding and what are their responsibilities? See the following section

Basically, there are more than 20-30 people in the banquet, which can be compared with this way. If the guests are all their relatives, there is basically no need for too complicated content.

*** Front desk ***

Basically, there are two persons, one for the male side and the other for the female side. They can invite their own family members and provide the list to the people in the reception desk in advance, so that the reception people can understand the relationship with the bridegroom and the bride, and help the bride and groom to entertain the guests as soon as possible.

***Best man. bridesmaid or Ring girl or Ring boy***

In fact, most of the Japanese weddings are flower girls. The best man and bridesmaid have also been brought into Japan because of the western style wedding relationship. It is better to suggest that flower girls are at least 5 years old or children with high stability to help.


If there are a large number of people at the banquet, the Japanese newcomers usually invite the boss or boss of the company or the teacher to give a congratulatory speech at the beginning.


When toasting, you will usually invite another person to join in the toast. At this time, you can find the elders who feel more able to stimulate the atmosphere, or the boss or colleagues and friends to toast.


If you plan to arrange a performance at the wedding banquet, you must make an appointment with friends and practice in advance, so this part must be planned in advance!

If only ceremonies are held in Japan and there are many guests, it is suggested that two people in the reception desk can be arranged to guide and handle the affairs.


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