Figures!! The groom has important performance in the Japanese style wedding ! 2020/09/27

For a long time, presumably, most articles are about the starting point of the bride, so from the makeup, hairstyle, wedding dress and so on are many, this time to see the Japanese wedding, the bridegroom’s part has multiple!! And the bridegroom in considering the Japanese wedding will have those key points to pay attention to!!


The bridegroom of the Japanese wedding is wearing “mon tsu ki ha Ka Ma”, which is basically white and black. At most, it is the design difference of the hem. There are straight bar, rhombus and other styles. The colors also include gold and silver. Basically, men’s designs are relatively simple and not fancy.

***Wedding ceremony ***

In the ceremony, the groom plays an important role, such as the oath. This part is read by the groom. The bride basically follows the groom. However, because the bride is wearing kimonos, it is really inconvenient for the bride to act. The groom must remember to look after the bride at any time and walk slowly!


***Wedding reception***

In the banquet, the bridegroom speaks mostly, and the speech from the beginning to the end of the banquet is also made by the groom! Therefore, the bridegroom must prepare the speech content or outline, in order to avoid the lack of words in the banquet! If any part of the speech also needs the bride, discuss with the host and prepare the content or outline.


The main points of male grooms’ appearance are: 1. Beard; 2. Hairstyle; 3. Glasses. These three points are asked by many bridegroom. Basically, the groom is advised to shave to keep a clean and tidy appearance (there are bridegroom in recent years who usually have a beard, which can be decided by the groom), and then the hairstyle. Basically, there will be makeup stylists, but it is also recommended not to leave too long hair to avoid bad modeling Finally, there are glasses. In fact, there is no need to worry about glasses! If you are worried about the reflection, you can communicate in advance, and the photographer will deal with it, so the main thing is what kind of photo the groom wants to leave behind!

Of course, the more important thing is not to stay up too late before bed and drink water before bed, so as to prevent the black eye from aggravating and swollen. Of course, there is a need to help the groom get a make-up, so the groom also suggests applying a mask before the wedding day.

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