SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 8 Decent work and economic growth 2020/09/25

Whether it is work value or economic growth, we should promote stable economic growth to improve people’s lives and build a society in which everyone can work productively.

This is the eighth most important goal. But for example, in developing countries, many families are forced to work because of economic factors. For example, one of the four children aged 5 to 17 is forced to work. Of course, there are also children who are forced to suspend their education.

However, in developed countries, there are different levels of work problems, such as different pay for the same work, overtime work, poor working environment and so on, so they are all problems to face.

Here’s how to start with ourselves

***Reduce overtime and rest well***

I believe everyone wants to leave work on time, but there are so many things to do. Time management becomes very important. There are a lot of teaching materials on the Internet. Of course, you should also remember to have a good rest when you have a rest, and the on & off switching becomes very important!



***Use local items as much as possible***

Why is economic growth related to local items ? Because if we blindly buy low-cost imported food materials, it will fall into a vicious circle. Although the price of the origin may be more expensive, many companies in the country of origin will pay attention to the beneficial social environment, so if we support more, we can make the positive cycle!


I think working hours have always been the most common problem we encounter. Only when we have a good body can we work well. From today on, we should start from time management!


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