How to choose an overseas wedding venue!! 2020/09/21

Choosing a wedding venue is probably the biggest headache for all brides and brides, so this article will introduce the planning steps of overseas weddings. First, we will give you a concept of the process. Please refer to the following

The number of guests in the overseas wedding ceremony, if only a ceremony, basically will not exceed 50 people, or even more than 10 people.

So we should first determine the budget and form

Do you want a church wedding or a traditional Japanese wedding?

Suppose it’s a Japanese church wedding. All inclusive (wedding ceremony, wedding dress of two people, make-up artist, photographer and translator, etc.) is basically about 500000 Japanese dollars.

If it is a traditional Japanese wedding, please pay at least 550000 Japanese dollars. Please refer to this blog for details

Then you can find the venue and contact the venue for inquiry, determine the price and overseas remittance, and then you can make an appointment.


***Wedding dress***

Basically, there are wedding dresses, which are usually upgraded with price increase within the scheme. It is suggested that you can ask the window clearly


Whether the interpreter and guests will be taken care of on that day should also be inquired about.

***Wedding Time***

The wedding time of each venue is planned, so the venue is basically limited, so remember to ask how long it will be used


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