"Wedding month" good news for happiness. What is your ideal wedding month? 2020/09/20

There has been a “Legend of wedding month” in Britain since ancient times. In Japan, there are many church wedding ceremonies, so the wedding month handed down from Britain also provides reference for many couples!

【January】 if you can get married in the new year’s month, you should be a gentle and down-to-earth husband

【February】 those who can stay together in February are destined to be married and have no fear in their whole life

【March】in the March breeze, things that combine can make couples understand each other

【April】 if you can get married in April, it’s proof of purity

【May】 if you get married in May, you will make every effort not to regret that day

【June】the people who get the blessing from the rose fragrance in June are as vast as the journey between the land and the sea

Let’s keep going the half of the year!(from July to December) 


【July】those who get married this month wish that they can get enough food and clothing for their whole life

【August】people who become brides in August will have a chance to see many beautiful sceneries in their lives

【September】 marriage in the sun in September is a sign of wealth and stability

【October】 brides value love more than wealth

【November】a cold mid November marriage can bring joy

【December】if you can get married in the snowy December, true love will last

No matter which month to get married, as long as the two people like the day and month, is the best marriage month and date!

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