Do you worry about the guest list and seat arrangement?! 2020/09/14

I believe that there is a headache for the bridegroom and bride in the wedding banquet. It is also a problem to master the number of the first person. Who is at the same table with whom is also a knowledge. The arrangement of Chinese style, Japanese style and Western style are different. This time, we will explain it in terms of process, form and key points!


***Time schedule***

【Before the wedding date 2~3 months】Table design decision

I believe that when planning the wedding, we have already thought about the wedding form and theme, and the estimated number of people. At this time, we will basically determine whether to take a round table or a square table, which is OK at this time

【Before the wedding date 1 month to 3 weeks】Number of seats

One month before the wedding, check whether all the postcards or questionnaires attached to the invitation letter of the wedding banquet are collected to confirm whether they are present or not.

***Seating arrangements***

【Chinnese style】

Basically, they are mainly round tables. They should master two key points: one is to locate the front door; the other is to respect the right. Basically, the immediate elders of both sides should be close to the front as far as possible. Then, they can be the company leaders and colleagues. The reception is the friend table. It is suggested that if the couple has friends from their parents, they should first confirm the number of people and the list and issue an invitation card, because the number of people in Chinese style wedding is higher than that in China More, there may be changes in the week before the wedding. The number of people and the number of tables must be confirmed with the wedding banquet venue.

【Japanese style】

When sending out the invitation card, the Japanese wedding will attach a postcard letter to let the guests reply whether they will attend or not and how many people will attend together. Moreover, the Japanese wedding ceremony is basically related to the bride and groom, so the title will be printed on the seat list. After confirming the name and title of the guests, the next step is the seat order of the guests.

At the wedding banquet, the nearest position to the high sand table (bridegroom and bride’s table) for two people is “upper seat”, and the farthest position is “lower seat”. However, in Japanese weddings, relatives of both parties sit at the farthest position.

【Western style】

The principle of respecting the right should be based on family members, and then the left side of the new couple should be the female guests and the right side should be the male guests. The seats should be cross seats as far as possible. We hope that acquaintances and strangers can chat with each other and warm up their feelings!


Here’s a note for family members: if the new couple has parents who have divorced and don’t want to sit with them, they can arrange to sit separately.

I hope that many new people can get into the situation immediately when they arrange their seats and arrange the perfect seats. Remember to get the attendance list first!


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