The best view of Biwako 『Hakodateyama』 2020/09/13

Biwako Lake is the largest lake in Japan and a popular suburban scenic spot in Kansai area. When you plan to come to Kyoto, if you have enough travel days, you can come to Biwako Lake for a walk!

The most convenient means of transportation is self driving. If you can’t drive yourself, you can also take the traffic information provided by the park (attached at the bottom).

Let the five senses clarify the nature of gondola, sit down and slowly look at the scenery, lie on the lawn and take a deep breath. The natural scenery here is very pleasant.

To get to the park, you have to take a cable car to the top of the 630 meter mountain, where there is a sense of openness.


Hakodateyama Kokia Park




Lake Biwa

Rainbow curtain




Wind chime’s good path




Access by car

  • From Osaka / Kyoto
    ● Meishin Expressway “Kyoto Higashi IC”(via Route 161)About 70 minutes
  • From the direction of Nagoya
    ● Hokuriku Expressway “Kinomoto IC”(via Route 303)About 45 minutes

Access by train

From JR Omi Imazu Station to the bus stop

Photos from the home page:

The fee of Gondola is JPY2000 for adult


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