SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 6 Clean water and sanitation 2020/09/11

The goal 6 of the sustainable development is clean drinking water and sanitation. Did you know that there are 2.2 billion people without water supply, 673 million people who have no toilet or can only use it outdoors.

So the most important first thing about this goal is that by 2030, anyone can use safe water cheaply.

***From Home***

1.The tap is really turned off

Up to 40 liters of water can be saved when brushing the tap every day.

2. The waste oil does not flow into the drain

Collect the waste oil at home and provide recycling!

3. Bath water can be used to clean the floor

The bath water in the bathtub should not be drained immediately after bathing. It can be used to mop the floor of the house.

***When necessary, choose environmentally friendly packaging and manufacturing process when purchasing water***

Drinking bottled water can also fulfill its social responsibility. For example, just water bought an abandoned church in New York and turned it into a factory. It started to improve the local water treatment facilities. Besides, the use of non plastic bottled water can also reduce the problem of plastic manufacturing.


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