Come to the chef ʻ s Kyoto and have an experience of the best time! 2020/09/10

The night in Kyoto is not so hot, the breeze is gentle, and our restaurant in Kyoto is also opening in such a day! In Kyoto, we have 18 years of wedding banquet experience, the chef’s creative French cuisine soul, let many bridegroom and bride and their family and friends have an unforgettable wedding banquet time! And this mood we want to provide to more people, so that more people can taste Delicious ingredients and chef’s creative soul food in  season!!


There is a special waiter at a table. The guests’ preferences and allergic food will be asked first,

Like the wedding banquet standard, we must first understand the preferences of each guest


Seasonally based cuisine design, ingredients are selected by chefs from all over Japan,

The best cuisine is that you can eat delicious food even if you take off one of the ingredients, but it becomes a performance together

In my opinion, every dish has a philosophy that chefs want to convey

Because we have three places, we usually need the chefs of three places to make food together. Usually, it is the wedding ceremony of employees that may appear!

This time we can eat three special dishes made by the chef. I feel super happy!!

***Five senses***

Besides the feast of taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell are all experiences,

Once seated, the overall decoration and seasonal flower decoration make people feel relaxed,

Every dish is so beautiful that you can’t bear to eat it!

***Focus on SDGs ***

The paper bag for the mask. Now, because everyone wears the mask, we must take it off. Now many restaurants prepare a plastic belt for guests to hold,

In order not to use plastic products, so the use of paper products.


We focus on eating healthy, playing at ease, providing you with the highest life happiness experience, travel x wedding

Whether you live in Japan or overseas, you are welcome to make an appointment for a Japanese wedding + outdoor wedding photo!!  

For the new bride who likes Japanese atmosphere, a wedding plan to get married peacefully in Japan!

For those of you who are considering holding weddings in Japan after 2021!

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