Reduce your worries Wedding Song recommendation 2020/09/07

The bridegroom and bride have a lot of troubles at the wedding. Here is to introduce the classical music, so that you can collect it without worry

***Welcome tiem***

Ellie Goulding – How long will I love you

Jason Mraz – Iʻm yours

Bruno Mars – Just the way you are

Taeyang – I need a girl

Super Junior – marry u

Arashiーone love

 In your Eyes

Jason and Lara – Say you love me

Jay Chou

Tank give me your love


***Groom and bride’s Entrance song***

Entrance song please click here 


***Wedding reception time***

Usually, it is recommended to take 150 to 180 minutes for a wedding banquet, with the head and tail and the middle program removed, and the actual meal is about 120 minutes. Therefore, it is really necessary to prepare 100-120 minutes of music. For a song for 4 minutes, at least 25-30 songs should be prepared.

Jazz music is very suitable, you can find your favorite jazz

Then there is classical music, which is suggested to be interspersed

*English song*

Liam Payne Rita Ora  – For you

Jason Mraz- Love someone

Aladdin – A whole new world


Lyn – My Destiny

Crush – Beautifu

*Korean song*

Will You Marry me

*Chinese song*

林宥嘉 – 兜圈

林宥嘉 – 少女

庾澄慶 – 情非得已

周杰倫 – 告白氣球

王藍茵 – 惡作劇

楊丞琳 – 理想情人

林俊傑+蔡卓妍 – 小酒窩

周興哲 – This is Love

陳奕迅 幸福摩天輪

王菀之 – 好時辰

陳小春 – 相依為命

鄭秀文 – 唯獨你是不可取替

*Japanese song*

星野 源-恋 

大塚愛 – 桃ノ花ビラ

島谷瞳 – 長い間

日劇 – 求婚大作戰 – 主題曲 – 希望

桑田佳祐 – 明日晴れるかな

求婚大作戰- 小さな恋のうた

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