Pregnancy & wedding!! Our suggestions for pregnant bride to choose wedding dress 2020/09/03

We believe that there will be unexpected accidents when preparing for the wedding ceremony. Of course, this happy accident is no more than the arrival of a new life. But for the bride who has already set the wedding date and is ready to get married, it is definitely a troublesome thing. At this time, you can choose the right clothes so that your belly will not be so prominent at the wedding. Let’s see how to choose!


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***The type of pregnant body***

The following is a pregnancy reference, basically according to the actual situation of the individual! 

Time pregnancy changes in body Size
1month〜3month Not too much change, slightly can see. Normally don’t need to change
4month〜5month The belly is a little large and has a prominent feeling. One size bigger
6month〜7month The belly is more obvious than the earlier period, and the clothes are obviously protruding. 0ne to two size bigger
8month〜10month The belly is the most obvious period. two to three size bigge

***Key points of wedding dress selection***

Wedding dress selection key pregnant bride, the first thing to choose a wedding dress is not to increase the physical burden, so here are a few suggestions, so that you can quickly find your wedding dress when you choose to try it on!

1. The body burden is not big, the abdomen is not obvious wedding dress

The first point is not to be too heavy, so it is recommended to give priority to the gauze wedding dress, and then you can find a higher waist. If you are worried that the chest is too prominent, there are also false high waists (refer to the figure below), so that the stomach will not be so obvious

2. Also pay attention to underwear in wedding dress

If you have underwear that covers your stomach, you can also wear an adjustable belt under your stomach, because you may stand or stand up for a long time on the wedding day. If you have an adjustable belt, the burden will not be so heavy!

3. It is suggested to reserve a set of wedding dress

Spare a set of larger size to avoid the baby growing stronger on the wedding day, but you can also suggest that you can arrange the time close to the wedding date when trying on the wedding dress, so that there will be no accident on the day.

4. Easy to adjust wedding dress

Try to find the back is pull rope, this can adjust the tightness, the bride will wear more easily.


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