The fruit picking in Japan!! 2020/09/05

When you come to Japan to think of delicious food, you will think of sushi and ramen, and you must try Japanese fruits. Japan has a clear climate throughout the year, with fresh air and good water quality. The fruits planted are delicious and juicy. You can choose and eat the fruits in the fruit garden from the supermarket!! Those living abroad or living in Japan are very popular,

The merit of fruit picking by yourself : 

*the price is lower than supermarket

*Time limit, but all you can eat under the time limiit

*buying specialty products




Strawberry and there are melon and cherries from May.

Summer(June~ August )

Cherries. peaches. melon and grapes from the end of August


Grapes, apples, persimmons and pears


In winter, almost all the fruits are harvested, and then only strawberries can be harvested!


***How to plan***

Generally, orchards are outdoor to avoid too much sun. It is recommended that you go to the orchard before noon and start after breakfast. If it’s a Strawberry Garden, most of them are in transparent rooms. There is no problem in the morning or afternoon.

Make sure to make an appointment first! Some orchards don’t need to make an appointment. You can also find the itinerary of the day including transportation. You must make an appointment first. If you are interested in the orchard experience, you can also ask us about it!


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