SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 5 Gender Equality! 2020/09/04

Gender equality has always been the most frequently mentioned topic after entering the 20th century. In 1997, the United Nations began to advocate gender equality. In 2010, UN women foundation was specially set up. In addition to gender equality and advocacy of women’s status promotion, the UN women foundation was established.

Sdgs is defined as “achieving gender equality and seeking the rights of all women and girls”. Specifically, it is to abolish all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls. In order to eliminate underage marriage, forced marriage, female organ removal and other practices, child care, care and housework assessment were also included.

It is also a problem that should be solved when women enter the labor market. In terms of politics and economy, women’s opportunities to participate in peaceful leadership are also required. In sdgs, all countries have joined the society where men and women live equally.


***Correct Gender Education***

Starting from home and school, it is not only men and women, but also cross gender awareness. Whether it is the same sex or the opposite sex and cross gender, they all start from respecting others. In addition, many countries have begun to establish gender free toilets, which have no gender difference, and can be used by any user in need. When we know and understand from life, we believe that it will reduce the estrangement between us and others!

***Equal sharing of family affairs***

In the past, the concept of the society, the man is in charge of the outside, the woman is in charge of the family affairs, but in fact, the family affairs can be fully distributed. In addition to the parents, children can also join in and share, regardless of gender, old and young, which can also promote family harmony!

***Balance between men and women in the workplace***

In terms of position management, managers can provide more opportunities for women. For wedding companies, both male and female employees are available. In important positions, female employees will also be allowed to take up positions. Once a female employee is married or pregnant, she will be given leave. It is assumed that she can return to the company after the maternity leave.


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