The legal marriage registration in Kyoto Japan 2020/08/31

If you do not live in Japan, but want to come to Japan to get married and get a legal marriage registration? At present, the most popular places for overseas guests are Okinawa and Hokkaido. Now in Kyoto, we can also apply for legal marriage. Let’s have a look at the preparation and process!


1. Certificate of celibacy

2. Birth certificate

3. Original and photocopy of passport

4. Marriage documents

5. Two witnesses with their passports (if they live in Japan, they need to take their cards)

All the above need Japanese translation, and the documents need to be valid within three months, because the information needs to be sent to the clerks for inspection and to the legal bureau for inspection in advance. If there are problems, they can be dealt with in advance.



One month before the wedding ceremony, the documents (photocopies) should be prepared and sent to the District Service Office (or Municipal Service Office) for examination and the date of application. The District Service Office will report to the superior and confirm with the legal bureau according to the status of the bridegroom and bride. If an interview is required in the legal bureau, the information will be sent to the law office for examination. If the legal bureau tells that an interview is needed, it is necessary to apply for marriage and then go to the legal bureau for interview, Therefore, it is suggested that the bridegroom and bride should stay for two to three days to travel in the local area after their wedding day.

Remember, Japanese government agencies will not go to work on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. When choosing a wedding date, you should first look at the date.

If you apply in Kyoto, you can also fill in the local limited marriage term (marriage application form)!

  • Decide the wedding date
  • Arrange your stay
  • One month before the wedding, a photocopy of the document should be submitted for approval
  • Apply to the District Service Center in person on the wedding day
  • After the district service center accepts the case, it will be notified by the legal bureau
  • Waiting for final notification about one to two weeks after the interview.

Please note that if the legal bureau thinks that it is unreasonable, it will not approve the marriage application!!

If the marriage application is approved, you can entrust an agent to get the marriage certificate. If you need a certificate of marriage certificate, it will be paid separately.

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