How to celebrate the first wedding anniversary! 2020/08/27

The first anniversary is definitely an important anniversary for the bride and groom to spend the first time together, so the first anniversary of marriage is the most important thing!

Of course, the proposed celebration of such a big day must be a headache for many bridegroom! There are two suggestions here. One is to surprise each other, and the other is to discuss how to celebrate the first anniversary together. The following is our recommended way for your reference!!



1. Food celebration

2. Review the scene

3. Wedding ring upgrade

4. Second honeymoon

5. Commemorative photo shooting


***Enjoy delicious food***

This celebration is the most infallible proposal. If you don’t often eat delicious food, you can also take this opportunity to have a good time together.


***Memorial place for two people before marriage***

The place where two people first date or often go can be used as revisiting the old place and reviewing the time together. I believe it must be more interesting. We can also go together again when we have children. I believe every time we have different memories!!

***Wedding ring upgrade***

This can provide a chance for couples who have a limited budget before marriage to surprise each other if they don’t have a ring to propose or when they choose a ring at the beginning of the year!


***Second time of honeymoon***

The second time of honeymoon is also a way for many brides and brides to commemorate. They can travel to new places and create new memories for two people. It is suitable for couples who both like novelty!

***photo shooting***

To take photos for memories! You can also be taken on a second honeymoon and photographed for another wedding dress of two people. For example, like life photos to commemorate the first anniversary of their formal marriage.

Couples who got married this year are welcome to travel to Japan and take wedding photos after their marriage next year after the epidemic is over!!

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