The merit of the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony 2020/08/30

Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries about Shinto weddings. This time, we will tell you what the charm of traditional Japanese wedding is!

First, the first thing you care about is what to do if you don’t understand Japanese?  Please don’t worry, there must be translators in the wedding companies that receive foreign brides and brides in Japan. But if you want to have an unforgettable traditional Japanese wedding, the first step is to choose a wedding company! Be sure to ask what are the supporting plans for the wedding. Basically, the wedding plan and the pension are separate, so remember to add them up! In fact, there are many times when you can’t take photos at will. You must know what you should pay attention to first!

Advantages of the traditional Japanese wedding

***You can visit many times***

Basically, Japanese couples choose to hold a wedding in a shrine, usually in a shrine or temple or castle near their home, because in this way, families and future children can take their families to visit at any time.


***The groom will be a big part of the wedding ceremony***

In the traditional Japanese wedding ceremony, the groom must be the representative and the priority, especially when the oath is given, the groom’s representative will also take the oath! Don’t worry if you don’t know Japanese. We will provide Romanization in advance and practice in the Pre Wedding meeting. There will be practice on the same day!

***Cultural Experiences in Japan ***

Of course, it goes without saying that the wedding ceremony is one of the traditional Japanese culture. It is not only the process and worship of the wedding, but also the elegant music and prayer in the wedding. In fact, they all contain the soul of the traditional Japanese wedding. The combination of the new couple and the two families and the connection with the gods are more important ceremonies. Of course, for foreign brides and brides, as well as their families and friends, This is another way to understand Japanese traditional culture!

For the bridegroom and bride who like Japanese culture, please consider the traditional Japanese wedding!

Next year to Japan to make an appointment for a Japanese wedding + outdoor wedding photos!!  

For the new bride who likes Japanese atmosphere, a wedding plan to get married peacefully in Japan!

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