Kyoto Dry Gin from 『The House of KI NO BI 』 2020/08/29

“Gin” is a kind of Western distilled liquor made from barley or rye through fermentation and distillation, and then added with a variety of herbs and spices based on juniper seeds. In fact, gin originated from Holland, but it was developed in Britain and even became an important producer of gin in the world!

In recent years, there has been an upsurge of Gin wine all over the world, including Japan. Even in Japan, many distilleries have begun to produce Japanese gin. This time, KINOBI, which originated from Kyoto, has a strong flavor of Kyoto. It claims to have the best proportion of Qin wine. It has become well-known as soon as it is introduced. Now when it comes to Japanese gin, it will definitely talk about the beauty of season!

A trip to KINOBI with five senses

***Visual : Building***

You can see the brand when you arrived the Kinobi house. The House of KI NO BI is located within a renocated traditional Japanese house which is over 100 years. They try to use local ingredients wherever possible for the House of KI NO BI, such as local woods and handmade furniture by Kyoto craftsmen and karakami wallpaper by KIRA KARACHO and trditional Nishijin-ori fabries by Hosoo. 


***Auditiry and Kinesthetic***

Of course, as soon as we enter the store, we play soft music. When we enter this space, we all relax. There are commodity area, bar area and dining area on the first floor. There is also a Japanese garden behind. Walking on the second floor, there is a warm display space and a small space. It is expected that a small number of lectures and publicity can be done in the future, which not only convey the brand concept and production process, but also raw materials.


There are not only Gin wine, but also delicious food with the wine you can match. The selected food is the characteristic food of Kyoto and the ingredients of local consumption.


Kameoka :Yuzu Tomato 

***KI NO BI***

It’s time to intrduce the KI NO BI which is fantastic taste. You can enjoy the taste the food ingredients from the local in Kyoto. For example, Uji tea Gyokoro, Yuzu, Sansho…etc.


The house of KINOBI , the flagship store of the brand, is expected to be launched in Kyoto in March 2020. The concept store of the compound brand and bar will not open until June due to the epidemic situation. Let’s see what you can see first and write it down to your note! 

Please come to visit when you can travel in Japan and Kyoto!


The House of KI NO BI


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