SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 4 Quality Education 2020/08/28

Do you know?! In Saharan, Africa, the west and south of Asia, one of the five children (6-11 years old) don’t go to school for education!

At present, we think that education is a thing that can’t be popularized. However, there are still many people at one end of the earth who can’t get education. In addition to the promotion of the state and enterprises, it is also an important part for individuals to start from. When people have such cognition and knowledge, they can strengthen each goal and achieve the goal faster To keep the good cycle going.

***Attend  local courses for problem solving***

Some foundations cooperate with the local community. In addition to promoting or fund-raising activities in various countries, they can also work as volunteers to help local resources!

International Voluntary Service
contributes to the Implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals



***Wedding or birthday gift change to donate ***

When it’s meaningful, such as birthday, don’t accept gifts. You can call on friends to donate money on Facebook. You can also choose who you want to donate to.

In addition, the gift money received for marriage can also be used as donation to make marriage more meaningful. At present, the United Nations Japan website also has such a call→



Apply sdgs goals to life, starting from each of us!

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