SDGs sustainable restaurant-Nœud.TOKYO 2020/08/24

On July 16, 2020, we opened a sdgs based restaurant in Pinghe Town, Chiyoda District, Tokyo!Nœud.TOKYO

Food is the most important thing for the people. Although at such an epidemic season, we hope to create a good circulation environment based on the natural, social and human environment, so as to let more people actually understand that in our life, we should start from the health of ourselves and our families, and start with food, so that such a good cycle can continue.

Nœudit in Franch means “knot”. It also means connection and connection. We hope to create an environment of sustainable development and spiritual comfort.


***environment ***

First of all, we start with the environment inside the restaurant. When we decorate, the walls are made of juletu, which was 450 years ago in Kyoto. This kind of soil is yellowish brown, which is made of high-grade materials. It was most commonly used in Japanese teahouse buildings before. With this as a starting point, “Earth” is the origin of raising food materials. Therefore, we emphasize the concept of “land” in the dining room. We should not forget the kindness of the mother earth!

There is a bar area and a table area. The table is made of wood, which creates a warm atmosphere. Even if a person comes to eat in the bar area, you won’t feel embarrassed. In the open kitchen, you can not only see the cooking process of the chef, but also enjoy the cooking performance!



We use the local consumer products. The chef directly meets with the producers to understand the production process and policy of the ingredients, and uses the ingredients of the season to make the food. The ingredients are all vegetables and fruits produced without pesticides and chemicals.



Our pursuit of delicacy in French cuisine, chefs also have local cooking experience in France. In addition, Japanese real estate ingredients have created one exquisite five sense cuisine experience for our guests! Of course, if you are a vegetarian or allergic to food materials, you are welcome to inform us in advance, and we will provide you with the dishes.

Menu without paper, use QR code

Because the daily food ingredients will change, so do not do menu printing, one can avoid waste of paper resources, using QR code can be more clearly understood, in addition, you can not only see the menu, but also see the ingredients and origin, so that customers can know more about the source of food materials!



Nœud TOKYO   (預約制)

Open time:17:00~19:00 

Day off: Sunday. Monday 

We are looking forward to your visit! 


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