SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 3 Good health and well-being 2020/08/21

This time, after the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the whole world and all mankind pay more attention to health issues. This is also a good time for us to review our own systems. Of course, countries have different policies to promote different situations and future ideas. Of course, in this item 3 “Good health and well-being.”  The most important thing we can do is to understand the concept!

1.Mother child health notebook

The most common manual for pregnant women in Asia started in Japan. From 1942, the Japanese government issued a manual to pregnant women for recording. At that time, it was in the Second World War. During the war, we could confirm the distribution resources and encourage regular medical examination. In the 1980s, Indonesian doctors who visited Japan saw such manuals, brought them back to Indonesia, and then began to popularize them. Countries with a wide geographical area and scattered personnel can be recorded in this way.

Of course, we can also make good use of this manual to record pregnancy and baby growth!

2.Health care for the elderly

It is not only the elderly at home, but also the elderly who take the initiative to give up their seats if they feel unwell on the road.

3. Environmental protection commuting concept and pay attention to traffic safety

It is also mentioned in this project that by 2030, the number of casualties in traffic accidents will be reduced by half. Therefore, in terms of traffic concept, in addition to refusing to drink and drive, we also suggest that people can walk or cycle to and from work if they are close to each other, so as to reduce the air emission of polluting environment.

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