SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 2 No hungry 2020/08/14

This time, we will introduce the project 2 “zero hunger”. In 2018, there are about 820 million people who are hungry, and 1 out of 9 people is hungry. Of course, this number may exceed. Although it is difficult to solve hunger completely, we can start from our own life from the following points.

1.Don’t waste food

The waste of food has always been a problem in many advanced countries. Because of the good economic development, people often over consume when eating, resulting in a lot of waste. In Japan, the waste of a bowl of rice a day for one person wastes 6.43 million tons a year.

Arrange the refrigerator regularly. Make a shopping list when you go to the supermarket to buy food. Don’t over buy and don’t buy things you don’t need. Pay attention to the shelf life.

When making food or ordering food in a restaurant, know how much you eat and don’t order more than you eat.


2. Balance of  the food

If we pay attention to balanced nutrition, there will be no problem of over buying certain food. In this way, everyone can eat healthily, and even the problem of not wasting food can be affected.

3. The mark of food is good for the environment

First, you can start with the signs of organic products, and the marks of eggs are also the first to understand. In fact, eggs are easy to be damaged. After these signs are recognized, you can buy food that is beneficial to the environment. In addition, without wasting food, good circulation can create a better environment!




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