The Wedding Gift for the Couple with Wedding Blessing! 2020/08/08

This article is for the friends of the bridegroom and the bride. Suppose you can’t attend the wedding, or you want to give gifts to the bridegroom and bride, but you can’t think of any good idea! I believe it must be the trouble of many people. This article will be divided into the following categories

1. Display on wedding day 2. Practical items

These two directions are recommended to you. You can also find out what you want to give quickly. Of course, you can also ask the bridegroom or the bride whether they have any trouble or want to buy any goods when preparing for the wedding or new residence. You can also give gifts accurately!


***Display on wedding day***

Wedding can be displayed basically in the welcome area display, at this time you can send two images of the goods, usually this kind of products are “customized”, so please be sure to book in advance two or three months before the wedding!!! Customized goods usually need to be made in days.

1. A painting with the couple

Japan’s most popular wedding trinket, 80% of the wedding will see yo!

2.Welcome board

Welcome version is also a good gift, but this only on the wedding day, after which it will become a display, more space.


For example, this custom-made two person pattern lighting can not be used on the wedding day, but can also be used as a nightlight at home after the wedding.


***Practical items***

1.household appliances

Coffee maker, oven, electric kettle and so on are good choices. It is suggested to ask the bridegroom and bride whether they already have these products in their home before purchasing? It’s better to ask first, so as to avoid the other party’s trouble.

2. Pot

The pot is very practical, no matter it is a frying pan or a cooking pot, many people advocate cooking at home in this epidemic situation, so sending a pot is also a good gift for newlyweds.

3. robot vacuum cleaner

In recent years, the robot vacuum cleaners are very popular, and the products are also bringing forth new ones. Of course, there are all kinds of middle and high-end products. At least now, it will save time and effort to help with robots, to do more meaningful things.

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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