SDGs start with ourselves- Goal 1 No poverty 2020/08/07

How can sdgs start with ourselves? Last week, I talked about item 12. This article will mention the first item, no poverty, which aims to eradicate extreme poverty among the global population by 2030 (the standard of living is less than USD$1.25 per person per day).

Although the issue of inequality between the rich and the poor has always existed, we can do our best to complete and achieve it. Today, we will introduce a Japanese and a world organization to start with. You can find the list of the United Nations at the end of the article. The central goals of different organizations are different. You can find organizations according to their concerns!


『Akaihane』It is a social welfare institution, mainly for the poor and the elderly in need of help in various parts of Japan. In Europe and the United States, red feather was once regarded as a manifestation of good deeds and courage. In Japan, there were also corporate organizations with blue feather (Ocean and water related) and green feather (forest related).



BRAC, which started in Bangladesh, is now the largest NGO in the world. Its influence extends to the whole world. It mainly focuses on women’s social and economic power, so that rural residents and rural women can get the tools they need, so that they can lead their own lives and bring changes to their communities.


The lists of NGO on UN website


In addition to donating money, we can also buy products with fair trade marks. In this way, the source of products is guaranteed for local residents, and then job opportunities are provided for residents in these poor areas, so that they can have a stable life. It is also a good way to eliminate poverty.

Of course, there are many details in the first item, such as ensuring equal access to economic resources for all men and women by 2030, or enhancing the resilience of the poor and vulnerable groups to disasters. Many non-governmental and non-profit organizations are doing these things.


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