Anti epidemic measures and two reassuring policies of our churches! 2020/08/02

What should I do if I want to have a wedding during the epidemic period?! How is the situation in Japan going on now? And we TAGAYA are committed to providing a secure private space for bridegroom, bride and guest!

【Environmental disinfection】

  1. Disinfection solution is set up at the entrance and exit of the museum. Anyone who enters or exits needs to disinfect first
  2. Regular ventilation in the museum, air renewal every 1 hour and 10 minutes
  3.  Clean and clean with detergent every day, and disinfect the guests before entering the venue and the used area (including toilet)

【Staff care】

  1. Wear masks every day

  2. Daily body temperature, more than 37 degrees and physical discomfort, return to stay at home

  3. Disinfect and wash hands when entering the museum

【Before the wedding 】

This part is absolutely the most concerned part!! First of all, the venue on the wedding day must be disinfected and wait for guests to come. If you are a guest returning from overseas (please be informed in advance), you must go through “14 days of self isolation” and daily temperature record.

  1. Before entering the restaurant, the temperature will be measured. If the temperature exceeds 37 degrees, the guests may not be able to attend the wedding ceremony. Once found, they will immediately communicate with the bride and groom.

  2. Guests need to wear masks when entering the hall. However, it is recommended that the number of guests should be small in the wedding ceremony. The ceremony lasts for about 25 minutes. During this period, you can not wear masks, but you should take seats at intervals.

  3. The chapel will open a small door to let the air circulate.

  4. Before the ceremony, we will communicate with the bride and groom about whether the staff in the wedding ceremony venue (unnecessary staff will be reduced) should wear masks (including priests and hymns, etc.) to meet the requirements of the bride and groom.

【Must to do everyday for everyone】

Please don’t go to many people’s places. And wear masks, wash hands and gargle every day!


***Two reassuring policies ***

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