There is Village of Gassho in Kyoto too!! 『Miyama village』 2020/07/31

There are many traditional thatched cottages in Meishan Town, the capital city, known as “the town of thatched cottages”. In addition, there are abundant natural forests here, including the Lushi primitive forest, one of the most natural forests in western Japan, and clear streams!

Route (about 2 hours one way)

From Kyoto Station → JR sonobe station → JR hiyoshi station → bus (about 50 minutes) to Kita (Kayabuki-no-sato) stop. 


Bus time schedule(Japanese

Below is we recommend to you to visit in Miyama.

***Little Indigo Museum***

Entry fee is JPY 300.

The private museum of blue dye artist Shindo Hongzhi. On the first floor is the blue dyeing workshop, where you can see the blue dye vat and the work area. In the attic on the second floor, Mr. Shindo has collected more than 300 works, including Indonesian cloth, Japanese work clothes and Chinese nursery clothes.

***Miyama folklore museum***

Entry fee JPY 300

It has a history of 150 years, but it disappeared due to fire in May 2000. After the reconstruction was completed on October 16, 2002, you can see the connection between the main house and the sub house, as well as the reconstruction data and instructions!

***Restaurant Kitamura***

We really recommend the handmade soba noodles here, which are made with stone mill-ground Miyama buckwheat flour. This slightly sweet soba goes down easily and is a must-try when visiting here (quantities are limited and may sell out quickly). 。


***Miyama Milk***

Miyama milk is produced by cows raised in beautiful air, clean water and quiet environment.

The three dairy farmers in the town produce a total of 100 dairy cows, a small amount of about 3 tons per day, but it is full of handmade feeling, and it is widely welcomed as the natural concentrated flavor of Miyama.

If you visit Kyoto, please do visit Miyama!!


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