Wedding Kimono of irouchikake ! The popular style in 2020!! 2020/07/24

Following the previous introduction of shiromuku, the next step is to introduce irouchikake. I believe it is loved by many girls who like Japanese brides. Everyone is very excited at the moment when they see the color hanging, because the real object is too beautiful! The meticulous design of Japanese workers is in this color hanging. Every small detail like the edge of clothes will not be let go, plus the bright colors, modern times with It has always been a high-class kimono for many Japanese brides!


***Keifu Hanshu bunkin***

On the elegant gold foil Qinghai wave, the gentle colors of boats dotted with small broken flowers and pine trees are set off by the bright colors of big and gorgeous cherry blossom, chrysanthemum and pine leaves, which are full of the lovely and luxurious impression of Japanese style. The pattern woven by Tang Dynasty is full of fullness and brings happiness to the bride.

***Sagara embroidery  Branches of cherry blossoms***

This is a float carrying the gorgeous, luxurious and blooming flowers of the four seasons. The flower cart is rich and colorful, with the meaning of “inviting happiness”. All the hand-made Sagara embroidery is impressive, which is the original one from TAGAYA.

***Phoenix juniper fan***

All the clothes with feather weaving are made from pitian with cypress fans, Phoenix, shell Pai, gift sticks, cranes, flower baskets and flowers of the four seasons. The gorgeous satin weave is added to the breathless auspicious and auspicious patterns. This background color of Tibetan blue is a special color hanging made as the original color.

***Fan of blue ground***

This one has been very popular until this year. It is dark blue in traditional Japanese color, and the pattern is woven into Tang weaving. Therefore, the whole dress is full of weight. Such design can also be seen in the costume, which reminds people of the unique dance style of ancient Heian period .

Next year 2021, make a promise for a Japanese wedding+ outdoor wedding photo!!

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