Wedding embroidery is in popular now! 2020/07/30

In recent years, more and more hand-made articles have appeared in various wedding sites! Some are made by family members, some are the first blessing from friends, and even some hand-made flowers or ring pillows made by the bride. What embroidery items can you put on your wedding!!

*** Ring Pillow ***

Embroidered ring pillow are very popular, embroidered with lovely patterns, you can also embroider a very suitable image of the bride.


***Welcome board***

There is a company in Japan that can change your photos into embroidery photo! In this way, you can change your favorite wedding photos or group photos into embroidered photos and put them in the welcome area!!


Cross stitch is a kind of embroidery needlework, which is a kind of cross stitch. It is named after its pattern which is composed of many “X” knots. Because of the simple production, so many people will use cross stitch production!



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