To check the benefits of the two-person ceremony! 2020/07/25

Now, because of the covid-19 relationship, the number of wedding participants has decreased. But in fact, more and more different wedding styles have appeared in recent years. Among them, more and more people choose “wedding ceremony for two”. What are the points you should consider and what is the charm of the wedding? Please look over!

***The key to the wedding ceremony only groom and bride ***

1. Want to have a wedding ceremony earlier

Plan to do marriage registration first, do not want to feast for the moment, but want to do the same year’s wedding ceremony and marriage registration of the new couple.

2.Both live abroad

Both bridegroom and bride live abroad and want to get married first. However, the funds for arranging the relatives of both families to go overseas are limited. Therefore, a ceremony for two people will be held abroad first!

3.Both groom and bride remarried

Due to remarriage, there will also be bridegroom and bride who decide to hold a ceremony for two people and promise their vows as a memorial for them!

4.Want to go to the honeymoon with the wedding ceremony

There will also be brides and brides who decide to travel abroad. Holding a ceremony for two by the way can also be used to shoot wedding photos and kill with one stone. Therefore, many people choose to travel abroad to get married!

***Advantages of two person ceremony***

1.Budget reduction

Budget reduction is the biggest consideration for many newcomers. Couples with limited budget can consider a ceremony for two. Even if they go home to have a thank you dinner, it’s a good choice!

2.Simplify the preparation process

Compared with the preparation of banquet list, hand ceremony, wedding entertainment and so on, the wedding of two people is completely simple, which is a good choice for the bridegroom and bride who don’t like trouble!

3.Honeymoon can also go together, travel memories will be more different

Take the honeymoon trip with the wedding ceremony. The next trip to the same place will have the same commemorative significance. In the future, you can also take your family and children back to the old place.

***Shortcomings of the ceremony***

1. Less empathy with relatives and friends

Of course, because there are only two people in the ceremony, relatives and friends are less moved to witness at the moment. It is suggested that the process can be videotaped, and then you can watch it with relatives and friends at home or at a small dinner party back home!

2.Get the understanding of both parents

Because there are only two people in the ceremony, it is suggested that the parents of both sides should communicate with each other first. Every child is the treasure of their parents. Baby’s once-in-a-lifetime event must also want to participate, so we should explain the reason to the parents.

After the explanation of this article, I don’t know if I can understand more about the content of their wedding? If you have a wedding in Japan or take wedding photos, please contact us!


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