Wedding dress strategy! The popular sleeve wedding dress style in 2020!! 2020/07/20

After proposing and preparing to take wedding photos, I believe the bride must start to worry about the wedding dress! This time, we want to introduce the wedding dress with non bottle mouth. In recent years, many brides like to choose the wedding dress with sleeves. Please have a look at the wedding dresses we recommend!!



This dress emphasizes the beauty of lace. The beige skirt and the skin color of most Asian women can be well matched, and the floating lace is a symbol of beauty. Moreover, the back figure of the wedding dress is also one of the characteristics. It is absolutely amazing from the back when we hold the ceremony in our church!!



The bottom is a simple design and a sense of existence of lace sleeves, such a classic collocation, and this has two ways to wear, no matter from where you look, there are elegant and gorgeous wedding dress.


Two kinds of wedding dress with coat. As long as you put it on, you can feel the full gorgeous feeling.

Full use of the silk luster of the beautiful satin princess skirt, is very suitable for church wedding



This one is not like straight across style we see, but it can show the beautiful collarbone of the bride. In addition, the transparent lace sleeves should not feel very abrupt, and can also be taken off. But the satin wedding dress is really elegant in the solemn church wedding ceremony, with outstanding temperament!!



Tagaya original dress. With the high-quality silk tower cover as the main character, simple and generous exquisite design. This design not only controls the exposure, but also shows the charm of the bride with the V-neck on the front back. In addition, you can also use the trinkets to set off the bride’s unique style of wedding dress.


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