Starting with SDGs, to know the certifications (Part 2) 2020/07/17

What do you think is the benefit of knowing these certifications? Never let the future sink into its harm because of the short-sighted short-term profits. Certified commodities represent that these raw materials come under the formal requirements and specifications. When all businessmen follow the formal requirements and norms, when everyone takes the right way, the future resources will be used up and continue!!

***Forest Stewardship Council ,FSC***

FSC certification is a tool to promote sustainable forest management and achieve ecological, social and economic goals by using market mechanism. Maybe we pay less attention to this certification, but in fact, some well-known enterprises will pay attention to this certification. For example, McDonald’s paper products will specially mark the logo.



This refers to a “trade mechanism” which focuses on fair and fair trade. In other words, through the continuous purchase of raw materials and products from developing countries at reasonable prices, it aims to improve the livelihood and independence of producers and workers in disadvantaged developing countries.


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