The 800 years history of Japanese tea 2020/07/12

Before that, we introduced the essence of Japanese tea, the first part and the second part. Then we will introduce the 800 year history of Japanese tea. After tea was introduced from China to Japan, Kyoto Nanshan city improved the production technology of tea. From “Matcha” used in tea ceremony to “fried tea” widely used in today’s tea ceremony, and even as a high-quality tea, the world-famous “Gyokuro” was born. For about 800 years, the region continued to produce the highest variety of teas.

The area of Southern city in Kyoto is mainly based on the following areas.

Kyoto google map

Here are three recommended visit contents!!

***Iwashimizu Hachimangu***

As one of the few disaster relief shrines in China, shiqingshui Bafan palace, which is famous, is said to have the benefit of praying for victory in the shrine visited by famous generals since ancient times. During the northern and Southern Dynasties, there were various kinds of battles, Yuchai Xiuji and the battle of tianwangshan, which were known as important political strongholds.


***Uji  Temomicha ***

This is the intangible folk cultural property designated by the Kyoto government. There are many stores in Yuzhi city that have such courses to learn. Please contact us for more information!


***Wazuka tea garden***

The tea garden near the stone temple in jiazha and Shuchuan can not see the main road, but if you look down from the village, you can’t imagine the beautiful mountain top and tea garden landscape. Tea factories are also scattered in the dense villages of tea farmers and other villages in the foothills.


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