SDGs starting with personal ! 2020/07/13

SDGss are the “2030 agenda for sustainable development” issued by the United Nations in 2015, which has developed 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). As a member of the global village, you must know!! So how can we do the action?! Here are some ideas that Japan is advocating now. When you come to Japan for sightseeing, don’t forget to observe them carefully!!

***Change to use ECOSIA for search on internet***

Ecosia, like Google, is a search engine service, a German company, and personal information is well protected and can be used safely. So why do you recommend ecosia?

The reason is that ecosia donates 80% of its advertising revenue as a revenue source to WWF, a non-profit group. WWF is a non-profit organization engaged in tree planting activities all over the world. As long as the network search on ecosia can be connected to the tree. By December 2019, 77 million trees have been planted around Africa.


***Buy the products using the paper packaging materials***

I believe everyone has eaten potato chips or chocolate and other related products. It can be noticed that the packaging of these products has become a manual packaging material based on “paper”! Just buying such goods can contribute to sdgs. But there is still room for improvement. In the future, more products will continue to change from plastic packaging to kraft paper and other packaging materials.



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Water from Glens Falls, New York, USA, is an environmental protection brand jointly developed by Hollywood stars will Smith and his son. It is made of 80% paper and 20% sugarcane!

*** Water bottles ***

There are more and more people carrying glasses with them instead of straws. This is also the simplest thing you can do personally!

For example, Starbucks produces a lot of thermos cups every year, and hopes that customers can reuse them with environmental protection cups!


In order to better and continue the possible future, from now on to improve awareness, start from yourself!!


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