Japanese art of Nail for brides!! 2020/07/09

When talking about Japanese beauty, we must mention Japanese manicure. It can be said that every girl talking about Japan will definitely want to experience the manicure service in Japan! Especially for brides, when taking photos, especially ring photos, it is very important to make nails in Japan. It is very important to take a group of beautiful hand photos. A kind of

Japanese manicure was originally derived from Japanese customs and cultural characteristics and current popular elements. Nail shops will also design some beautiful samples for customers’ reference according to seasons, months, festivals, etc.

A simple style of manicure is also a choice for many Japanese brides. Because it is too complicated, it will be too prominent. On the contrary, they will always pay attention to it. Therefore, brides who choose simple style also have it!

We also recommend three nail salons for brides’ reference. They are all close to our three churches. The online evaluation is also very good


This room is in only four gardens. It is about 10 minutes’ walk from here to the gem Church in Kyoto.

stage 216-23, xizhicho, Dongshan District, Fujing City, Kyoto

***OSAKA-Cloud nine 9 shinsaibashi ***

It’s about 5 minutes’ walk from here to Osaka gemstone church. It’s very close. You can try on your clothes and have your nails done!

Osaka City, Central District, Osaka City, dongxinaiqiao 1丁目20−12 5F

***Kobe-Le-ciel ***

This clothing store to Kobe is very close to our Kobe gem church. You can walk within 5 minutes to get there!

8F, 3-9-15, sangongting, Central District, shenmi City



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