The famous tofu cuisine in Kyoto - Junsei 2020/06/29

Nanzenji temple is located on the right side of Kyoto and above Higashiyama district. The leisurely scenery here is also the highest temple of Zen in Japan. But today, I’m not going to introduce Nanzenji temple. It’s mainly for the tofu restaurant in front of Nanzenji temple Junsei, in fact, there are branches in Kiyomiszu temple, but the reason why I personally recommend the restaurant close of  Nanzenji temple is that there is a Japanese garden in here. You can go to the courtyard if you have enough food. How comfortable!!

There are different sceneries in the four seasons. The murmur of the stream brings a moment of peace!

Among them, “Junsei academy” is one of the cultural assets landed in Japan. If there are enough people, you can use the private room in here!


Yuba Tofu Course

There are other course of Tofu, but this set that you can make by yourself. It is fun and delicious In addition, other side dishes, such as miso tofu, are delicious with the aroma of roasted miso and soft tofu.

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