Nijo-jo Castle - Japanese national treasure is limited to intro visit 2020/06/28

In the style of Japanese castle , Nijo-jo castle are “Flat land castle “, that is, the city built on flat ground, which is a kind of city Guo form relative to mountain city.

Nowadays, the main halls of Edo, Osaka and Nagoya have all disappeared. The main hall of the second pill in the Nijo-jo castle can be said to be one of the survivors.

The third room of Kuro-shoin 

We have received a lot of good news for a long time, and there are a few days, we can into the third room of Kuro-shoin to see this room.

During the summer period this year, it is opened.

15. July. 2020~24. August Tuesday is not allowed


Nijo-jo Castle/Ninomaru-goten Palace Painting Gallery (Nijo-jo Castle)
Adults 1,030 yen 100 yen (620 yen)
Adult groups(30 people or more) 830 yen (520 yen)
Junior High / High School students 350 yen
Primary School students 200 yen


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Please use public transport whenever visiting Nijo-jo Castle.

By Kyoto City Subway or bus to the station 「Nijo-jo mae」

Nijo Jo castle is also can take pre-wedding photo – Who is living in Japan and welcome to Kyoto, Nijo-jo castle

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