The Ultimate Local Guide - Temple on Kyoto's western mountains!! 2020/06/24

In the early summer of June, I will take you to the west side of the mountain, not only to absorb the essence of Fernando, but also to get a peaceful world. Looking at the distant urban scenery of Beijing, I can clear away any troubles. Here is the “Yoshiminedera Templee” of the west mountain.

***Yoshiminedera Temple***

Yoshimine Ji Temple in the heart of Nishiyama, Kyoto has many dodo monasteries including the main hall, Kannon Do hall, tahoto pagoda, Shaka Do hall and yakushido. The garden of the 30000 Tsubo in the precinct was constructed by a famous gardener, Jibei Ogawa, from the Taisho Period to the early Showa period.

Today, it is also known as a cherry blossom and red leaves, and it is decorated with flowers and trees in four seasons. You can enjoy the Grand View of Kyoto City.

Spring is the cherry blossom, autumn is the red leaf scenic spot, but ziyanghua, qiumingju and other flowers in the courtyard will be decorated by different seasons throughout the year. The flowers blooming in the ups and downs of the courtyard are the unique scenery in Kyoto. You can enjoy the four seasons of temple only here.

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(1) Take No.66 Banji bus from Jr Kyoto Line to helicho station for about 40 minutes

(2) Take No.66 Banji bus from dongxiangri Town station of Banji Kyoto Line for about 30 minutes

Please pay attention to the last bus number!!


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