We would like to introduce you the reception menu cards!! 2020/06/21

In Japan, the number of wedding banquet is 100, even if it is a large-scale wedding banquet. In order to make the guests enjoy themselves and hope the guests feel warm, the guests who come to attend will get the seat table or put the table card and menu on each person’s seat, which is also an important small detail in a Japanese wedding!!

Let’s have a look at the card design!


Rectangular design is the most common, usually new people are to choose paper and cover design, such as bronzing, simple wind, cartoon, illustration, etc., can do too many changes, new people can according to the wedding banquet layout theme to do!

It is very special that used the ribbon. 

Plug in card design, it is elegant and fun!

Color painting style, in addition to plants from the font change can also have people want to keep up the idea!


Is it very beautiful to roll up the paper like this and tie it with a bow with a ribbon? It makes people can’t wait to open it!

In 2021, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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