Choose a way of warmly welcome to your guests - Welcome area!! 2020/06/20

What would you like to present to the guests, from the wedding reception, cake display to the welcome area before entering the venue??

When you are worried about the theme of the wedding banquet, it’s better to start thinking from the venue first, why do you want to think from the wedding banquet?!

Because this is the space where the bridegroom and the bride stay with the guests for the longest time. Just like opening gifts, the things inside are the most important! So if you want to have a good wedding theme, you can start from this center and complete every list more efficiently!! Like invitation cards, wedding decorations, bridal bouquets… Many can be found and decided quickly!

Let’s take a look at the welcome area today

***Cartoon theme***

I believe that cartoon is the memories of many bridegrooms and brides when they were young, and even the items that adults like and collect. You can show your treasures at this time. I believe that when the guests see the cartoon, they will still have a childlike smile!

***Fresh flowers and plants***

If you like the adult style and decorate the natural and fresh feeling, please make good use of the flower art to let the guests feel. At this time, you can also put their photos and favorite items to express their personalities!! Maybe we can take this opportunity to let our guests get to know two people more closely!

Welcome board that you can use flower and plants for decorate.

***Photo wall***

There is also a place where you can put a picture of two people traveling together, so that the guests can take the time to know where they have been or what interesting memories before the party begins!


You can also put your favorite items beside the photos!

Good use of the environment can also take a different feeling yo! Like using railings and so on, strung up photos for display.


In 2021, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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