Romantic and elegant light purple color for wedding reception! 2020/06/18

Following the last article pink bubble layout, today I will take a look at the light purple layout. Generally, if you use a purple with a heavier color, the whole will give a dull feeling and a noble and mysterious atmosphere. , But switch to light purple, which can be used in matching colors, including pink, pink, white, beige, champagne gold, etc., and then with antique furniture, immediately create a retro nostalgic atmosphere.

Make good use of retro furnishings to make the whole venue feel different!


With white flowers, you can make the atmosphere brighter. If you combine it with the seasons, with iris flowers and other whisker-shaped flowers, you can make people more aware of the climate at that time!

The light blue on the table is matched with a lilac ribbon, which will not take away the purple theme, and the whole is more bright! !

Next year, make a promise for a church wedding ceremony + outdoor wedding photo!!

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