We recommend you a unique bouquet!! 2020/06/16

One of the necessary items at the wedding is bouquet! There will also be brides to choose their favorite flowers and wedding dress matching, which is one of the keys. For example, it is important to see the design of the dress and choose the bouquet to achieve the overall balance. However, in Japanese weddings, we all choose white flowers and green, but now more and more people choose colorful flowers.

***Ball bouquet***

Generally the most common round, but also on behalf of the perfect, no matter which kind of wedding dress is very suitable, is the basic style.

***Tears Drop***

It is from the ball’s evolution, can be extended by the feeling.


***Clutch bouquet***

This is the bottom of the flower stem is convenient for the bride to hold, the overall feeling will be larger.


***Wreath bouquet***

In recent years, it is also very popular in Japan to hold flowers, which is very suitable for brides wearing Mermaid skirts.

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