The Town of Green Tea in Kansai - Uji 2020/06/14

Uji, located in the southern part of Kyoto, is the most popular tea in Japan, and it is called ‘three major tea’ for the parallel tea of shijioka tea.

Japanese green tea Dogen is the Chinese tea ceremony method, the earliest source of the song in the morning and later in Japan, the rising light in Japan, the cause of the outbreak of Chinese tea leaves, and the tea ceremony. It is a kind of powdery tea, tea tea powder, and water stir and drink.

***Tokichi ***

Established in 1854, Uji’s most famous green tea store, the most popular shop, the most popular tea room, and the left-hand side of the tea room is an experimental tea room, and the right hand is the Namba tea house. This is the first time for the first time of the year to celebrate the success of the tea ceremony.



***Itohkyuemon ***

The appearance of tea flavor in the entrance of the over-white tea head shop. It is a seasonal change in the shop, and it is a tea ceremony, and the tea ceremony is a pure tea green tea with a large amount of pure tea and a large amount of use.



During the Tensho era, he was a master of the Japanese army, and he was one of the historians. It is pure tea tea, pure tea, and the history of tea, the history of tea. It is a trademark of the three star crest of the tea ceremony.




In the end of the Heian period, there was a long history of the history and history of the emperor in the end of the Heian period. There are various kinds of tea, such as gyokuyu (green tea), Sencha (green tea), and cha cha (tea ceremony) type.


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