The world heritage of Nara - Kasugataisha 2020/06/12

The 1300 year old “spring day society” is said to have been built in the era of Nara to pray for the peace of the country and its people. It can be said that it is the most representative shrine in Nara, and also one of the scenic spots that must be visited in Nara.


It is the headquarters of all Japan’s Kasugataisha shrine. It was built by nobility Fujiwara in Nara era. Nobility Fujiwara regarded “jianyulei” (God of thunder) as the family’s patron saint, so they built a shrine in Nara to worship.

***Manyou Botanical Garden***

Among them, the shrine has the “ten thousand leaf botanical garden” famous for “Manyou Botanical Gardens”, which is the oldest “Manyou Botanical Garden” in Japan. It’s also one of the world heritage sites!!

March – October
7:30 – 17:00
November – February:
7:30 – 16:00






Take a bus bound for “Kasuga Taisha Honden” stop both from JR and Kintetsu Nara station.The bus stop is located close to Main Approach Way and Kasugataisha Museum.After 3 minutes walk along the Approach Way to the east, you arrive at Main Sanctuary,and 3 minutes walk to west takes you to Manyou Botanical Garden and Garden Cafe


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Photo source :PhotoAC 萬葉植物園官網

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